General Program Information
What is yes?
How can I join the yes program?
Where can I use my yes card?
Why do you need my e-mail address?
Why do you need my phone number?
What are you going to do with my information? Will you share or sell it with anyone outside your company?
What is my yes card number and where can I find it?
I lost my card - help!
How can I share my yes card with my whole family?
What can I do when I register my yes card online?
I forgot my password.
I forgot my email address that I used to register.
How can I change my email address?
I gave you my email address, but my online account does not work.
Why can't I see all of my offers on the website?
What are qualifying purchases?
What are digital coupons?
How do I find digital coupons on the website?
How do digital coupons work?
Do I need to have a yes account to participate in digital coupons?
Can I print the coupons instead of loading them onto my yes account?
I don't carry a card but use my phone number instead. Will the digital coupons still work?
How can I remember what I loaded to my account?
Do digital coupons expire?
Can I load coupons more than once to my account?
If my store has double coupons will they double the digital coupons?
Can I combine digital coupons with paper coupons?
Do I need to notify the cashier that I have digital coupons on my account?
How do I keep track of my digital coupon savings?
A friend of mine told me about a digital coupon, now I can’t find it to clip. Where did it go?
I saw a digital coupon yesterday and I did not see it today, why isn't it available?
I just got home from shopping and my digital coupon did not work, what do I do?
How do I know which digital coupons were sent just for me?
I have digital and paper coupon for the same item, which will be used first?
I have two digital coupons of different values, which will be used first?
I do not have a home computer or email address; can I still get digital coupons?
Do you have a coupon policy?
Are there different types of digital coupons?
Do I need my card to get fuel discounts?
Do I need to scan my yes card at the fuel pump?
What items are included in the Pet club?
Why do I have to sign up for some clubs but not others?
Do I need an online account to participate in the Baby and Pet Clubs?
Do I need to sign up for the Baby and Pet Clubs again after I receive an award?
Where do I sign up for the Baby and Pet Clubs?
How do I participate in the Baby and Pet Clubs and what items are included?
Once I sign up for a club, do others in my household also need to sign up?
Will my spending in the Baby and Pet Clubs ever expire?
What items are included in the Baby Club?
What items are included in the Pet Club?
What is Cash for Class?
What is the yes Pharmacy Program?
What are the limits of the $4/$10 prescriptions?
What are the limits for FREE diabetes medications and Free Prenatal vitamins?
Where can I find a list of drugs on the program?
Question/Concerns not covered in our FAQs